Andrew Wright - teacher and creator of Andrew Wright English. 

Here's a little information about me - Andrew Wright: I hope it's interesting! 
Surprise fact: I started speaking English as a child! I learnt from my Mother and Father, to begin with - of course I did! - just like you learned to speak your language, probably! And that's how you're going to improve your English with me - at first. 
The first 10 years of my working life were in the hotel industry. I then spent five years as a Catering Officer in the airline business. During all this time I spent three years in France and Germany and I learned both the French & German languages - I loved them and speak them both well. Iā€™m also learning Italian at the moment, so I know what problems you may have - learning English! 
After this, I studied for both professional and teaching qualifications, then taught Hotel Management and, later, General Business Studies - for a total of about 18 years; finally, I changed to teaching English to foreign students in 2008. In fact, I have taught students from over 40 countries, up to now. 
I have also had a few businesses - a restaurant, a small hotel, a catering company, a small building company and I've renovated an old house (with help!). I've also a wonderful family and I love travelling and reading different types of books. 
And now I've decided to create and offer this website ā€“ Andrew Wright English - to everyone who might need or want to improve their English Speaking. So - I do hope that it can help you and that you enjoy it! Happy English Speaking! 
Find out more about the different courses and taster sessions available here. 
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