Hi everyone! Or, Good morning (or afternoon or evening, if you're not in my timezone!). 
Before you start on today's film, let me point out one of the most important, first lessons for anyone who wants to REALLY speak better, everyday English. 
Whenever I'm "talking" to you - which, of course, will be ALL the time on my Vlog page and in most of my material, throughout the whole website - I'll be using CONTRACTIONS or SHORT FORMS. I've put those two terms in CAPITAL letters because it's so important that you learn that they're everywhere in speech - and you've simply got to accept that! 
Look at this paragraph again; I've (that's one and "that's" is another!) already used contractions seven times! Anway - on to today's clip - it has two short topics, the first on CONTRACTIONS and then a bit about IDIOMS. Enjoy them! 
This is the first ever Vlog for this Andrew Wright English page! Welcome! 
In this section of the website I'm going to share with you a whole load of "Bits and pieces", "Odds and sods", "Dribs and drabs", "Bits and bobs" - all meaning "small items of interest or curiosity" from the English language. 
They're not always going to be words and phrases that people use every day - but, rather, ones that I find and I hope you'll find interesting and, possibly amusing and that you may be able to use, as you become more confident in your English. 
More important, though, is that this will still be language which you can practise SPEAKING - as is the whole point of being here on Andrew Wright English pages. So - enjoy them! 


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