Why Andrew's English? 

If you copy my style of speaking, everyone in the world who can speak a little or a lot of English will be able to understand you. It could be very important - or just very useful

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Many of my students have told me that they found me the easiest of teachers to understand. 
My way of speaking is without an accent, in a natural, neutral, English voice - so it is universally easy to understand. Sometimes people call it "The Queen's English" or "BBC English", but those are a little old-fashioned now - so let's just say it is the simplest and plainest style of English you can find - now normally described as "Standard English".  
In my Andrew Wright English lessons you can mimic (copy) Andrew at your own speed, in your own time and in your own chosen place. TRY THE 8 FREE DEMONSTRATION SESSIONS HERE - CLICK ON THE BUTTONS ON THE LEFT, for a good idea of the different levels of material you can find in the courses. 
Every lesson in the courses themselves includes both a number of Grammar subjects and tips, explained in context, followed by a period of everyday talk examples, based on a wide selection of manageable topics. 
Each lesson is around 1 hour long and is accompanied by a written, downloadable copy of the whole film-recording, also usually with extra notes and useful tips and 'titbits'* of interest. ( * = see below for explanation). 
Of course, in different countries, people speak their own extremely good and perfectly correct English, but British, or "Standard" English is the one they are all based on - so, again, this is the one that everyone can understand the easiest. 
In these Andrew Wright English courses you can constantly stop, compare and re-check your own voice with Andrew's - developing a correct, "English" standard accent and tone as you go through the material. 
In addition to covering all the basics of Grammar, I'll recommend to you a good range of well-recognised textbooks which will help you to add more strength and detail to your English, with thousands more examples which you can practise speaking, based on my teaching of the sounds. 
If you study each of the three levels I offer, at least to the Full Course, I can guarantee you will know how to speak, use and understand a minimum of 86% of the most used Vocabulary in the English language. That's an excellent target to reach and a very powerful tool for international communication. 
Even for those of you can only manage to study up to the Middle level Full Course, you'll cover with me around 80% of the language! So - wonderful goals for everyone who joins me! I hope you do and look forward to helping you here
So - please try the free samples on the left and come and join me! 
* titbits = small, interesting items of information - maybe unusual. 
Find out more about the different courses and taster sessions available here. 
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