Why Speak Better English? 

For Families - to help with children's and grandchildren's education 
For Work and Business - for understanding or for a better career 
For Fun - with friends of different nationalities 
For Friendship - most of the world understands "Hello" & a smile! 
For Travel - air, sea, train, car - many forms use or rely on English 
For Culture - literature, art, films, in museums, galleries and historical sites around the world 
For Worldwide Communication - for better international understanding in an unlimited variety of situations. 
Real people like YOU gave me all of these reasons, first, for learning and then for improving their spoken English. 
With a little time and effort YOU too can make YOUR English easier to understand and so feel more involved with people. 
If you have landed on this site and this page, I guess you have already decided that English is possibly useful to you, or you already speak some English, but here are some of my own thoughts on what you can get from good English. 
In English, you can communicate with a greater number of nationalities than in any other language; either as a first language or as a second or even third language, more nations use English. You can often expect to get a better or more interesting career or job, if you have good or reasonable English. More international business is conducted in English than in any other language. You will find that international travel is easier with a good or fair understanding of clearly spoken English. Especially air travel, which is growing for everybody. 
Tourism, in general, becomes easier and more a pleasure if you have good English; for many cultural organisations, tourist destinations and holiday attractions English is the first language they translate their guides into and the first that their staff have some knowledge of. 
This doesn't mean that English is better than any other language - it's just slowly become a fact that, over a long period of time, more people have chosen it. By the way, I want to learn Chinese soon and, of course, a lot more people actually speak that language as their first, so I'm really looking forward to it! But that doesn't change the facts about English. And it is one of the most interesting and rich languages in the world - as you'll see. 
So, if you want to or need to speak English better, or more fluently and comfortably, Andrew Wright English will help you. I have listed some of the various reasons - both work and pleasure related - for the worldwide use of English, above. Whatever yours are, I hope you enjoy my material! 
Find out more about the different courses and taster sessions available here. 
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